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Sports Cards!

Discover the ultimate destination for all your hobby needs at Remsen Market. Explore our wide selection of sports cards, curated to fulfill your hobby itch. From football cards to UFC and much more, our inventory is sure to impress. 

Football Cards @ Remsen Market
Football Cards @ Remsen Market



We Buy Trading Cards!

Do you have a surplus of cards you're looking to sell? We're interested in purchasing them! Reach out to us via email or through our social media links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Story

Remsen Market started out as a fun side hobby, driven by our passion for collecting cards. What began as a quest to build our personal collection soon blossomed into something more meaningful. As we delved deeper into the world of trading cards, from joining breaks to acquiring sealed boxes and singles, our collection grew beyond our expectations. This overflow of cards sparked the idea to share our love for collecting with others by selling online. To our delight, we found a warm reception in the market. Welcome to Remsen Market, where every item holds a story, and every purchase supports our dream!

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